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I have a background in mental health and women's issues. After completing several boudoir photo shoots I realized the power photography could play into helping women of all ages improve their self esteem. Boudoir photography in general can bring about healing and increase selfe esteem faster than it ever did in a counseling session. One of my major goals is to empower women and help them not only own their bodies,but love and appreciate them. There is nothing better than ending a shoot and seeing both the smile and confidence that tells the world "Watch Out!".

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Boudoir Of Cincinnati

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Boudoir Of Cincinnati

The Why's BOUDOIR Experience

  • For Him or For You? Why Not Both!?

    You don't need to have someone to do a shoot for because the shoot is for and about you! Sure someone else may get to see the photo and benefit from them. However, when you walk out of your first session you will be planning your next one!

  • Rebuild Restore Renew!

    As a Licensed Counselor I have worked with many men, women, and children to provide healing and restoration through psychotherapy. Blending my Counseling expertise, Photographic eye, and Boudoir Photography, has opened up a whole new way of finding that healing. Many of my clients walk out of my sessions with a better body image, higher self esteem, and confidence like never before.

  • Who wants to go shopping and play dress up?!

    Do you need an excuse to go shopping? Getting ready for your boudoir shoot is half of the fun! Planning your perfect outfit and your perfect accessories just get you ready for the experience of a lifetime.

  • Forever young?

    You may be like the rest of us affected by time, stress, and gravity! Take a moment to really capture what you've got and how you flaunt it! One of the best benefits is opening your book up with a glass of wine after a bad day. #StillGotIt

"Doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever will."

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Our Works

  • Customized Shoot

    We work together with you to create the shots you want most. You bring your vision, inspirations, and other ideas. We bring our fun ideas, experience with boudoir posing, a beautiful studio environment, and the right hair and makeup looks to match your expectations.

  • There's more to Boudoir than a Picture!

    You get not only a photographer, but you also get a Licensed Counselor that uses his blended experience to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your session.

  • We Work Hard To Deliver Results You Want

    You want a photographer that cares as much about your photos looking good as you do. At Boudoir Of Cincinnati, we will work together until we get it right!

  • Magic or Photoshop?

    The art of Boudoir is all about capturing you in just the right light, shadows, angles, and more. Photoshop is always an option to get you the look you want, but natural is true beauty.

  • Multiple Packages for Anyone

    With 5 packages from $150-$950 anyone can afford to feel beautiful.

  • Speed and Quality

    Most shoots are edits and returned to you within a week.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Confidence And Let Yourself Feel Beautiful!

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Boudoir Of Cincinnati

Planning a Girls Night Out? Bachelorette party

  • Be it Glamour, Be it Sassy, Let it Be whatever you want!

    We will work together to plan the best night of the year. Bring drinks, supplies, costumes, and more. Make it a night you can remember forever.

  • Photos for days

    Starting the night off with a posing class, then throughout the evening there will be opportunities for individual and group shots.

  • Any group is welcome

    This can be a bachelorette party, Girls Night Out, or just a cheaper way to pull your money for a boudoir shoot with friends.

Amazing and Beautiful Studio Space


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Boudoir of Cincinnati The Male advantage

As a photographer I have tried to hone my skills in many different types of photography. A friend asked me to do a boudoir shoot for her and I reluctantly agreed. I asked her why she wanted me to do it and she said that she thought I was a great photographer and even more so she trusted me as a person. When it comes to the more intimate styles of photography, I truly believe that you need to find someone that you are comfortable with. Throughout my experience in boudoir photography my number one priority has been the comfort level of my clients.

When looking for a boudoir photographer women can be nervous about a male photographer. I understand how that could be uncomfortable. I am more than happy to meet you beforehand and give you a tour of the studio.

My reviews speak volumes for me. As a man I know what men like, I know how to appropriately validate, I have a counseling background and make all of my clients feel at ease when they walk in the door, and I am very good at my job.

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Boudoir Of Cincinnati


  • Boudoir Of Cincinnati

    "The whole experience really exceeded everything I was hoping for. If it weren't for the fact that I'm a "public figure" in the non-profit world I'd probably wall paper my office with them. :-) I cannot tell you how amazing this experience has been. It truly has done wonders for my self esteem the past few days.”

    Satisfied Customer
  • Boudoir Of Cincinnati

    “Brian’s diverse background and sensitivity to women’s issues, makes him not only extremely respectful as a photographer, but also skilled at putting models at ease. I have worked with many photographers and I rarely hit it off as quickly as I did with Brian. He will be a friend for life.”

    Maggie Doyle
    Professional Model
Boudoir Of Cincinnati


  • Love It
  • $400Per Session
  • 2 Hours of shooting
  • Multiple Poses
  • 1 Studio or Outdoor Setting
  • 12 Digital Prints Included
  • Books, Calendars, & Prints (Opt)
  • Additional Prints for Purchase
  • Experience It
  • $525Per Session
  • 2 Hours of Shooting
  • 1 Hour of Hair and Make Up
  • 1 Studio or Outdoor Setting
  • 20 Digital Prints Included
  • Books, Calendars, & Prints (Opt)
  • Additional Prints for Purchase
  • Pin It
  • $750Per Session
  • 3 Hours of Shooting
  • 1 Hour of Hair and Make Up
  • 2 Studios or Outdoor Settings
  • 30 Digital Prints Included
  • Pin-up or other styles
  • Additional Prints for Purchase
Boudoir 513

More than just Boudoir



Hire a photographer that is as invested in your images as you are!

Boudoir Of Cincinnati

Post Processing & Turn Around Time

The question is... How fast do you want them, and do you want to be a part of the process?

  • Average Time 1 week

    Sometimes sooner sometimes longer. But trust me I am almost as excited as you are to see the final product.

  • Same Day Edits

    There is a $100 fee for same day edits and you can even be there for the process to give your feedback.

  • Photobooks

    Once the images are edited and selected for the book, it can take about a week for the book to complete.

  • ReEdits

    Once the photos are edited you may make additional requests for edits.

  • Print ordering

    Prints vary based on the printers current order load. However, average times are less than 2 weeks.

  • Build-a-Photobook?

    If you want to be included in the building of the layout of the photobook you can be there for no extra charge.


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