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"What motivated me to do a boudoir photoshoot was simple- I felt like I was beating myself up for a long time about how I viewed myself. Unfortunately, we live in a society where the media portrays women to a very specific mold and if you do not fit that mold, you are not considered beautiful. My whole life, I believed that if I had large breasts, a large bum, and was 5'10'', I would be considered beautiful by many. But, I was born with a very small chest, and a petite frame of 5'4''. In middle school when my friends were developing as young women, I still looked like a little girl. I compensated by stuffing padded bras with tissue to look like my friends. Afters years and years of beating myself up over the way I looked, I decided to do some research on self-love. I saw that many women of many sizes did boudoir photoshoots. After doing some extensive research, I felt that Boudoir of Cincinnati was the best fit for me. Little did I know that after my photoshoot, I realized how beautiful I actually was! ( I will go into more detail about this in a different question)"

"My expectations going into the shoot was excitement! Meeting the photographer is imperative before doing the photoshoot because not only do you get to learn about the photographer's background, but meeting with him and talking with him really eased any questions, concerns, or nerves before the shoot. By the day of the shoot, I was excited to take part in this "life changing event!

"I picked Boudoir of Cincinnati because the package I went with had everything I wanted. Unlimited outfit changes, at a comparable price, and the studio is absolutely gorgeous. I love that the studio had multiple rooms. The studio is just so beautiful and it made me feel beautiful. "

"My favorite part of the shoot was how fun it was. The photographer made me relaxed and helped me with each pose. Obviously, I've never done something like this, let alone pose in certain positions. I also loved that he let me play my music off his speaker so the whole studio, we were jamming out to my favorite tracks!"

"At first, I was hesitant to work with a male photographer. To be quite honest, I am a pretty modest person thanks to society's views on women's sexuality and our inability to be sexual creatures. Anyways, I think that it is imperative that anyone interested in doing a shoot with Boudoir of Cincinnati, that you meet with the photographer. I learned so much about him and his extensive background in women's counseling. His easy going personality and knowledge in boudoir photography solidified my decision to work with him. I can't wait to book another shoot with him!"

"Yes! and then some! The photographer took over 600 photos and viewing them "afterwards, I was like "Oh my gosh! I'm hot!" The final product of the photographs really impressed me because he did very little editing. I appreciated that he took the photo's beauty and just enhanced it a small bit, but really kept my body the same.

"I was surprised by how much I viewed myself changed afterwards. Before my shoot, I was this self conscious woman who constantly compared herself to other women and dreamed of being someone other than myself. After my photoshoot, I truly learned to appreciate what god gave me. I was born with this body and rather than tearing it down, I've learned to celebrate it and what it offers me. I don't care anymore about my chest size or petite frame. I love myself for who I am and society, men, women, or anyone else isn't going to change my view on myself.  I was also surprised about my eagerness to show my friends my photos! I figured I would be the only one that would see these photos, but once they were finalized, I was so excited to show my friends and family ME!"

"My biggest advice is do not hesitate about it. You have one life and one body. Boudoir allows you to accept who you are, love yourself for who you are, and to celebrate YOU. This photoshoot should be all about YOU. Sure your husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend might benefit from these photos, but the person who's going to benefit the most from boudoir over anyone else is you. Society teaches us that, as women, we need to remain these modest vessels used to bear children and that's it. It's a shame that we are condemned to living our lives without celebrating our bodies and who we are as women. Take off that oversized sweater covering your bum and stomach, those boots that hide your legs, and the scarf that hides your chest, and embrace your body- every crinkle, crack, wrinkle, scar, stretch mark, and dimple. Your body is the only thing you own entirely. Love it for all that it gives you. "

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